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Flosi, like the other old kingdoms, is full of history. Some say that the small round hills of their lands are the burial mounds of ancient kings. Though not all the mounds are ancient, many are rather old, and make up the homes of the the people. From shepherds to farmers tending fields, they all live in their earthen homes, which protect them from the blowing winds. The people are simple, yet proud and fiercely independent, but still always willing to share food with a lonely traveler. In terms of trade, money is acceptable but your best bet on the plains is to to barter, though once you enter the larger wooden villages money will be requested. While some think the mountains of Aera are cryptic, people advise never wander Flosi without a map. The wide open plains have a way of making travelers trail in circles, without even a landmark to notice. The planes themselves are simply flatlands and rolling hills covered with tall grass and flowers. In some places you would not even know you stood on a man’s house till he came out to tell you so. A high council is in charge of this kingdom’s major decisions.

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