Found in Unda. This creature is amphibious but will spend more of it's time in the water than on land. It's most notable feature is it's ability to jump extremely high and lunge far to reach it's target. It's method of attack is to lurk in the more shallow water, using the reeds and plants as cover before it jumps towards it's target. Once it latches onto it's prey, it will bite down and warp it's tail around it, leaving it essentially paralyzed. Weakness is it's fairly weak body, a good sword being able to slash through it. Warning, it's blood has an acidic quality, similar to a Death Worm's acid spit. Once slashed, leave the area and do not come in contact with said acid for up to 48 hours. Listen for their audible splashes in the water and watch for their tail that sticks up above the water just barely.

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