Johnathan Ortiz

Johnathan Ortiz is a simple fisherman. He is 25 years old with a 6 year old daughter. His home city is Unda's capital of Sal

Elizabeth Ortiz

Elizabeth Ortiz is 6 years old. She is a smart and fiesty little girl who takes after her father and isn't afraid of much. She is a bit of a trouble maker as she does get into fights about her father with other children.


They live in a small but pleasent brick house on the outskirts of Sal.


Ortiz has always been good at fishing but before he met his to be wife he used the money he earned from it to buy booze and other vices in secret. When he met her at the age of 16 she cleaned him up and taught him about the beauty of nature and how it is the true order of things. But Ortiz noticed her and the things she did to help him more than nature and fell for her. He propesed to her at the age of 18 on his birthday at a lake under a stary night. She accepted and 11 months later they had their beautiful daughter Elizabeth. But unfortantly his wife passed away after child birth.

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