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Through the thick forest you will find Latt. This ancient kingdom is as old as Aera and Flosi. It has long enjoyed the resources of the forest, as wood can be quite valuable to those who don’t have it, if you can transport it that is. But the wealth that it brung was not spread evenly, and the kingdom has known internal conflict as a result. It’s peoples are ever restless always fighting one another and they have even rebelled in the past. The kingdom produces weapons and tools of course, but they are also known for their other, larger machines of war. And for what it lacks is are the rarer things in life: art, gems, other hard to find objects that it must trade for from the surrounding kingdoms, namely Aera. The population is mostly spread among small shabby villages where the people of many classes toil, while the rich enjoy living in the large cities full of life and art, and all of it carved from rough hewn stone.

Cities:[edit | edit source]

Baum[edit | edit source]

Stame[edit | edit source]

Rindd[edit | edit source]

Grune[edit | edit source]

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