"To be a good lord, you must first know how to be a good person" Edit

-Tristan to his son Silas.


Tristan was born in 1297 to Meret and Alice Hawktree. Not much is known about his childhood except that he obtained his hawk, Delvaris, at age 10 and adopted the sword and shield as his weapon of choice. What is known is that one of his constant companions and friends was Roderick Ironroot. The two were the best of friends and would often spar together or explore some of the caverns in Divu or Pulvi. They both attained knighthood within days of each other and went on to serve the previous king, Caroline's father. They fought in many battles and at one point, Tristan would have died had it not been for a well aimed kick by Roderick that sent his would-be-killer off the side a cliff.They became known as the Two-Man Army, capable of slaying any foes that came before them. Many years later, when Roderick confided in Tristan his wish to marry Caroline, Tristan told him "You're a knight Roderick, not a mouse, go ask for her hand like a real man would." At their wedding he was the best man and gave his friend a slap on the back that sent the food flying from his mouth and much uproarious laughter through the crowd. A couple years later, Tristan married Ayleth and Roderick served as his best man, returning said back slap. Many years passed though and the two drifted somewhat apart, especially once Roderick took the throne. They both had duties to their families and people but still made sure to visit one another.Tristan became especially distraught after Ayleth's passing 10 years ago during the birth of their youngest child, Tybalt. Tristan finally passed away from an unknown illness two years ago, leaving his son Silas in charge of Pulvi.

(Note: Non-Player Character)

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