"Rick Bones!" - Rick Bones

Background[edit | edit source]

Richard "Rick" Borealis Bones Jr is an Adventurer/Explorer who resides in Irroro, Sparr. Initially, from Latt, Rick Bones was exiled for reasons unknown. Though he seems to believe it was uncalled for and wrongfully so.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Rick Bones.png

Cocky, Egotistic, and Impetuous; Rick Bones is far from the perfect human being. A character addicted to adventure, Rick Bones will stop at nothing to complete a quest. Style and Glamour are all that he holds sacred, and he is happy to help anyone if it means he gets to stroke his own ego as the renowned hero.

If that wasn't enough he often refers to himself in the third person. With his full name. Like a prick.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rick Bones was inspired by a mix between 'Indiana Jones' (Indiana Jones) and 'Rick the Adventure Sphere' (Portal 2)
  • Rick Bones' weapons consist of a Rapier, Crossbow, and Whip
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