A brutal bandit group that perished over 80 years ago due to the actions of the Swords of Aera and King Ardlow.



The Black Blades were led by Draegan Blackwood, a notable outlaw of the entire continent. They would often lay waste to any city, village, or town they came across. They killed any that stood in their way and made into slaves those who were compliant. They were not adverse to committing atrocious acts that even horrified some of the lesser bandit lords. They never took any land that they ravaged, they simply enslaved those there and continued onward to the next place. To hide themselves, they traveled during the night and attacked by day. This would often surprise many villages and towns and leave them unable to defend themselves. Soon the outer cities of Aera fell and only their lords and a handful of their soldiers escaped. Word reached King Kaiber Ardlow and he formed the Swords of Aera, who defended Divu and finally ended the rampage of Draegan Blackwood. Out of the hundreds that stood with the king, only 49 remained at the end of the battle. Draegan Blackwood was captured and eventually hanged in the capital, his body left to rot for many years.

The Three Captains

Draegan Blackwood


The leader of The Black Blades and one of the most powerful bandit lords in all of Ohaku. Hanged in the main city plaza after his failed attempt at capturing the capital, Divu.

Vorene "The Viper" Serpentsun


The right-hand man of Draegan and one of his most staunch supporters. Named "The Viper" because of his tendency to use poison from rare Sparrian snakes on his sword. Decapitated during a duel with King Kaiber Ardlow during the Siege of Divu.

Vyktoria Ashwing


The lover of Draegan Blackwood and leader of one of their largest battalions. She often reflected her surname through her actions, choosing to burn whole villages even if there were still townspeople inside and alive. Anyone she captured faced a similar fate. Escaped the failed Siege of Divu and is believed to have faded into obscurity somewhere in Flosi, although the truth is unknown.

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