In the year 1347 tensions were boiling between the kingdoms. Aera and Latt on one side, Sparr and Unda on the other, neutral Flosi in between. If the fall of that year a Latt patrol chasing bandits crossed the border into Flosi and in the ensuing chase killed a Flosi patrol that had investigated the disturbance. A war soon began between the two began and soon Aera joined Latt in it’s battle. Flosi’s high council called on Sparr to intervene, bringing Unda in with it. The war lasted two years, Aera and Latt buckling with food shortages, destruction seeming on the horizon. The island Kana, city state founded by the same peoples of Sparr, had long been traders, changed from their bandit roots. They cried out for peace and offered to mediate between the kingdoms, soon peace was made and Kana grew to not only be a trading hub but also one of power among the that of the five kingdoms.