Epo's religion is based on past and future.

Path, a young but blind woman, is the future and the one that not only shapes it but she also shapes the world. Her symbols are bird and mountains. When talking about one's journy through life one my talk of their 'Path'. She may send signs to the peoples of Ohaku via her birds or if a one travels to one of the sacred reflecting pools they may talk to her directly, she may appear as anyone but will always hath colth over her eyes.

The other componant is lesser discussed deity is Past, a old and wise man, is history, a keeper of knowlege. He knows all that has been but not what is to come, simply watching, but not interfering. His symbol is the word (Specifcally Manawa) for he created language. He is said to be a story tell spreading knowlege through the land, visiting people at random, but never telling who he really is. While it is said the he appears as differant people thougfht the ages he does not change to much.

Together they make time, symbolized by by the Feather Quill, where birds and language meet. Eclipes and important days, marking the power of Past and Path but also a time of reflection for them and the peoples of Ohaku. Many pray to them, or even seek more direct commune, but to stay in their favor is all one must do is be mindful of their Path, and thier Past (These two terms being capitalized) as well as having faith and not destroying thier symbols in a wanton fasion.

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