It's said that of the most beautiful places in Ohaku, the valley ranks the highest.

No one quite know who was the first to visit the valley but we do know what they left behind, carvings. Whether they be on the walls of the formations or in the few but ancient caves. the carvings range from pictures and runes to a few massive statues caved into the living stone. They seem to be from the oldest peoples of Sparr who inhabited the caves and even included one of the earliest depictions of Path all the walls of a deep spring under The High King the largest of the formations. Other formations like the High Cobra, a tall spire with two flairs on top, and the Standing Stone is a large formation with a large wide round top and a thin spire that it sits on, legend has it that Path positioned it so when she first came to be in order to test her abilities. These peoples were skilled with pottery as well as paint, a sure sign of the future. The formations numbering in the hundreds their origin is unknown some say they are the eroded remains of an ancient seabed while others say they they were carve when the world was made, or the they are the remains of old giants. Some in the Mand say Path created them to teach the peoples of Sparr art. Though many of the Cord are put off by the mysticism and never travel there.

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