Introduction:[edit | edit source]

Unda is the youngest of the five kingdoms, and many were surprised with it’s sudden development and success. The islands that make up the kingdom were not even known to exist until a group of citizens sailed off, looking for lands of their own. A few years later, they returned into prominence as their naval force sailed across the seas, making their power known. Their fertile soil allows them to grow enough for food for the limited population but rapid expansion in ship and home building caused a depletion of the wood resources to minimal levels. As a result, their towns are characterized with clay brick homes. The islands must trade with others kingdoms, although they do not tend to get along with them at times. Other nations would usually refuse to associate with Sparr, due to it’s reputation for being a land of thieves, but Unda saw an opportunity to ally with the desert kingdom, figuring their geographic isolation was enough to avoid the less desirable tendencies of their partners.

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